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Stu Stevens: ‘People That Don’t Like Donald Trump Aren’t Going to Vote for Mitt Romney’


Donald Trump’s endorsement of Mitt Romney had no effect on the election, according to top Romney strategist Stuart Stevens.

Trump, who had gained notoriety for his “birther” investigations, endorsed Romney last February in Las Vegas. Romney appeared in person with Trump to accept the endorsement, and later held fundraisers with him.

“I don’t think it mattered. I don’t think it matters at all,” Stevens said at a National Review briefing today about Romney’s decision. 

He played down the possibility that associating with Trump might have hurt the GOP candidate, saying, “I think people that don’t like Donald Trump aren’t going to vote for Mitt Romney.” Stevens explained, “He did it in Las Vegas. He’s very popular in Las Vegas. The guy’s on television for a reason. People like him.”


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