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A (Gall)affray in my home town. The EDP reports:

Rival sci-fi clubs had to be separated by ‘the force’ when police were called to break up feuding fans at a Norwich Star Wars convention. The family event threatened to turn to the dark side and escalate into a fight between costumed characters when visiting Doctor Who fans clashed with Star Wars enthusiasts. Officers were called at around 2.30pm on Sunday when members of the Norwich Sci Fi Club were refused entry at a fair co-hosted by Norwich Star Wars Club at the University of East Anglia.

More than a dozen sci-fi fans from both groups – including several in fancy dress – were involved in a bitter exchange outside the venue, sparked by the arrival at the event of Jim Poole, treasurer of Norwich Sci Fi Club. He was asked to leave the convention as he approached Doctor Who actor Graham Cole for an autograph, leading to a stand-off which was only calmed by police and university security. He and organiser Richard Walker exchanged words inside before taking their dispute outside….


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