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re: Stu Stevens: ‘High Percentage of People’ ‘Thought Romney Was a Catholic Against Contraception’


The Obama administration didn’t just capitalize on the “war on women” narrative that insisted that Mitt Romney defending religious freedom had to do with a lust for confiscating women’s contraception, they created it with their friends at Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry, along with willing partners in the media. (I got into the habit of noting the rare news story on your friendly neighborhood Corner during the campaign cycle that even mentioned that there were lawsuits filed against the Obama administration’s abortion-drug, contraception, sterilization HHS mandate, and by more than Catholics.) The “confusion” was manipulation – it was deliberate. Recall the vice president lying during his debate with Paul Ryan on the topic. And the president insisting that it was all about freedom and health and Sandra Fluke and his daughters. Sandra Fluke was woman of the year, in my book. But that’s because a whole lot of people are invested in lies on these topics.