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IRS Hearing Erupts in Applause Following GOP Congressman’s Speech


Representative Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania gave a resounding speech during the House Ways and Means Committee hearing, in which he chastised acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller’s inability to answer many of the committee’s questions today, and reminded him of the consequences of the IRS’s actions.

“I don’t know that I got any answers from you . . . I am more concerned today than I was before,” Kelly said to Miller.

He explained, “I have a grandson who’s afraid to get out of bed at night because he thinks there’s somebody under the bed that’s going to grab him, and I think most Americans feel that way about the IRS.”

“You get a letter from you folks, or a phone call, it’s with terror that you look at it,” he told the commissioner. ”And now, this kind of reconfirms that, you know what, they can do almost anything they want to anybody they want any time they want. This is very chilling for the American people.”

When he finished his speech, the chamber gave Kelly a round of applause before the chairman called for order.


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