NYT vs. WaPo on IRS, Still Worlds Apart

by Stanley Kurtz

Today’s print version of the Washington Post features a front-page, above-the-fold article that stresses the White House’s shifting claims on its knowledge of the IRS scandal. The Post’s front-page headline reads, “On IRS probe, a revised timetable.” The equivalent New York Times story is buried on the bottom of page 16, and the shifting nature of the White House’s account is downplayed. The print headline in the Times reads, “White House Says Obama Was Not Told of I.R.S. Investigation as It Unfolded.” Only five paragraphs into the story does the Times note: “The details released by Mr. Carney on Monday went beyond a previous White House account, and may provide more fodder for critics pressing to understand what and when the president and his team knew about the misconduct.” So even when the Times finally gets around to the changing White House story, the issue is posed as an opportunity for Republicans, rather than as a genuine problem. Short of the Times not even printing a story, that’s about as far apart as coverage can get. It’s also par for the course, as you can see here and here.


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