How Dare a Woman Be Encouraged to Let Her Child Live

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Gosnell is an outlier. And those religious people are a menace when they take those sermons seriously. These are the messages I get from the majority of the governing class in Washington.

I’ve been delaying noting this in the hope that it would go away — that, perhaps, I had imagined it. But of course it won’t and I didn’t.

Via the Hill:

Democrats in the House and Senate are looking to stop what they say are deceptive advertising practices by anti-abortion health clinics that imply they offer abortion services, but instead encourage birth and promote adoption.

The legislation is aimed at crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), which are clinics often set up by a church or other anti-abortion groups. Democrats in Congress and other pro-abortion groups say these clinics are known to indicate they can perform abortions in order to attract pregnant women patients, and then try to convince them to carry their babies to term.

I’m pro-honesty, for the record. And I’ve met a good share of crisis-pregnancy-center owners and workers in my time. Most of them are honest, and overflowing with love. They offer support that all too often a scared woman can’t find elsewhere, leading her to the ubiquitous pink of Planned Parenthood or the abortion clinic that turns up as the top search on Google when she looks for help to make a “choice,” the only one she thinks she has, the one she thinks is expected of her.

Did we all really just live through the Kermit Gosnell trial, look at the faces of late-term abortion, and walk away thinking the menace in our society is people who offer women the choice to choose life? Crisis-pregnancy centers are lighthouses in a miserable culture that deludes women into thinking that happiness is life on a chemically altered island, pretending to be satisfied with the preferences of the sexual revolution, now enshrined in policy and regulation. 

If your business is death, there are to be no additional questions asked, or that’s waging a war on women. If it’s offering life, you’re suspect. That’s America in 2013? 


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