Kristol Comes Out against Gang of Eight Bill

by Ian Tuttle

A day after the National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council, the union representing 12,000 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officers and staff, slammed the Gang of Eight immigration bill, Marco Rubio and company have garnered another powerful opponent: Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol.

On Tuesday’s Laura Ingraham Show, Kristol called the current Senate plan “a big-government bill.”

“It is a classic, huge, Rube Goldberg, bureaucracy-creating, bureaucracy-trusting bill,” said Kristol. “Think of the trust you have to have in bureaucracy to make this [bill] work. . . . if you like Obamacare, you should like this immigration bill.”

Kristol encouraged remedying individual problems — border security, legalization, etc. — but warned against a sweeping “Obamacare-like” bill, particularly one to be enforced by the Obama administration. “I don’t think it’s good conservative governance.”

Kristol also encouraged conservatives to resist a narrative of “crisis.” “The impulse that we have to act and that doing something foolish is better than doing nothing is always a mistake — and it’s particularly a mistake in immigration, because once you legalize, you legalize. It’s done.”

Kristol’s advice to Rubio? “He should walk away.”

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