What’s That Now?

by Jonah Goldberg

Brad Woodhouse, Communications Director for the DNC, seems a bit overwhelmed. In what I gather is an attempt to change the narrative (man, do we need a new word for that) into a story of GOP “overreach” he tweeted out the following:

I keep staring at this tweet like one of those posters with the hidden flying saucer in it. Maybe if I just relax my eyes enough, the outlines of his argument will come through? From what I can gather, FOIing the IRS is outrageous because doing so doesn’t include the Democrats in the inquiry. Of course FOIing the IRS will only result in getting facts, which are not partisan either way. But according to Woodhouse getting facts is “political” and a sign of GOP overreach which is “typical” i.e. bad (hiding the facts, meanwhile, seems to be the essence of good government according to this administration). Also, using the Freedom of Information act is unoriginal, which is also bad because apparently the GOP should use really clever and novel ways of getting the facts, or something. 

I think Woodhouse needs to sit out the next few plays. 

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