Rubio, McCain Spar Over Debt Limit

by Ian Tuttle

After failing to pass a budget for more than 1,000 days, the Democrat-controlled Senate is ready to go into conference with the Republican-controlled House to hammer out the details on the chambers’ respective budgets. But Senator Marco Rubio is not willing to let the issue of raising the debt ceiling pass undebated.

Rubio and Senator John McCain traded shots on the Senate floor today. McCain argued that Rubio’s concern about raising the debt limit was out of place and holding up the business of the Senate — and disrespectful to to the American people, who “deserve a budget.”

Rubio responded moments after, arguing that routinely raising the debt ceiling has become part of the problem – and that trying to bring the issue to the floor is “not a trivial matter. It’s not like I’m arguing that keylime pie be made the official pie of the United States.”

Why does it seem likely that even if Rubio were making that tasty proposal, he and his colleague still would not see eye-to-eye?

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