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Luntz in Closed-Door GOP Briefing: Stop Talking Impeachment


Republicans looking to press President Obama on the trio of scandals that have been consuming Washington — but not overreach on them — got some private advice this week from Frank Luntz, the pollster and linguistic guru who often briefs top Republican lawmakers.

Luntz delivered a presentation to House Republicans at the whip meeting Monday, the gist of which was, according to a GOP aide present, “don’t be an idiot and go on TV calling for impeachment.” Luntz presented polling numbers showing that voters by and large aren’t blaming Obama for the scandals. They are interested, however, and want to know “how did this happen?” and “what are you going to do to ensure it never happens again?”

Luntz, as he often does, displayed words and phrases in a matrix with the worst words at the bottom and the best words at the top. In this case, he urged Republicans to avoid “impeach,” “fire,” and “replace.” The phrase that did best with voters was “I want to make sure this never happens again.”


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