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A soldier has been stabbed on the outskirts of Paris, although unlike Drummer Rigby in Woolwich, the French soldier was on duty:

“The aim was to kill the soldier because he was a soldier,” Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told CNN affiliate BFMTV. The attacker wanted “to kill a soldier who is in charge of French security,” he said.

Police are looking for a member of the Paris branch of the Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves:

A police union spokesman said surveillance footage of the attacker showed him as tall and bearded, aged about 35, possibly of North African origin and wearing a white Arab-style tunic.

Come to think of it, why are armed soldiers patroling a commercial district just west of Paris?

The soldier was on patrol as part of a heightened security plan initiated in certain areas following France’s intervention in Mali earlier this year, French President Francois Hollande said.

The “heightened security” doesn’t seem to heighten security:

The 23-year-old was patrolling in uniform with two other soldiers as part of France’s Vigipirate anti-terror surveillance plan when he was approached from behind around 6 p.m. and attacked with a knife or a box-cutter.

He has apparently lost a lot of blood. The very names of these crime scenes mock the fin de civilisation west: Drummer Rigby was killed on Wellington Street, named for the Iron Duke, and the French soldier stabbed in La Défense, named after the famous statue commemorating the French resistance against the Prussians in the Siege of Paris.