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Gingrich: Obama Speech ‘Stunningly, Breathtakingly Naive’


On CNN’s State of the Union, former House speaker and 2012 presidential candidate lambasted President Obama’s national security speech, delivered last Thursday, calling it “stunningly breathtakingly naïve.”

“Right after you have somebody beheaded in England, you have a bomb go off in Boston…and the president announces cheerfully that ‘the war is going to end because I’m not happy being a war president.’”

Gingrich reminded the audience of the words of Communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky: “You may not care about war, but war cares about you.”

“No one wants to talk honestly about the fact that there is a radical Islamism on offense,” said Gingrich, trying to encapsulate the larger problem of American policy. “It is on offense across the planet.…No one wants to talk honestly about how big the threat is, how widespread it is, how fanatic it is, and about how in its own mind it’s totally legitimate.”

“We will never be at peace in the pre-1941 sense.”