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FNS: Hume Destroys Williams’s Defense of AG Holder


On Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume tore apart fellow panelist Juan Williams as the latter attempted to defend Eric Holder and the White House.

Williams tried to argue that Eric Holder was not responsible for the investigation that Rosen was a “criminal co-conspirator,” despite signing off on the affidavit.

“You’re saying he [Holder] is not ultimately responsible as the head man of the Justice Department?” asked Hume.

Williams responded that Holder was simply trusting the work of his underlings and that he “is the exact right person” to conduct an investigation to see how prosecutors came to their conclusions about Rosen.

“Wasn’t he supposed to see all that before he signed off on the affidavit?” asked Hume incredulously.

“You can’t see everything!” retorted Williams.


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