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Rand Paul Not Satisfied With President’s Answer on Drones


On ABC’s This Week, Senator Rand Paul reacted to president Obama’s first explicit statement of his view on the targeted killing of American citizens abroad, which seemed almost a direct response to Paul’s now famous filibuster on the question.

“Well, I was pleased with his words, and I was pleased that he did respond to this,” Paul told Martha Raddatz. ”However, there’s still a question in my mind of what he thinks due process is. Due process to most of us is a court of law, it is a trial by jury. And, right now, their process is him looking at some flash cards and a PowerPoint on ‘Terror Tuesdays’ at the White House.”

President Obama said that he did not believe it would be constitutional to target an American “with a drone or with a shotgun” without due process, and that he would not deploy drones over U.S. soil. He also revealed that the White House briefs congressional intelligence committees on all drone strikes. 

When Raddatz asked Paul whether American-born al-Qaeda spokesman Anwar al-Awlaki was appropriatedly targeted under the drone program, the senator said that his preference would have been to try Awlaki for treason in absentia, and to sentence him to death, before any strike. 



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