Vote Cosmo!

by Jonah Goldberg

Some of you may have heard that the lovely and talented Dana Perino has been going around unilaterally declaring her dog Jasper (a handsome lad I will admit), “America’s Dog.” Now, I don’t know what it means to be “America’s Dog.” But I do know that I — with National Review’s marketing department’s approval — unilaterally declared Cosmo the “It Dog of the American Right“ well over a decade ago. Also,  he remains, I believe, the official mascot of National Review Online. And such titles should mean something, at least around here. 

Cosmo is now in his elder statesdog years. He’s had more surgeries than I can count — I think he’s two shy from becoming fully bionic. His eyesight is sub-par, his hearing far from ideal. He’s no longer up to the challenge of keeping the squirrels in line (as discussed in this very old bio) but his heart is still willing. 

Now I understand that Jasper is the flavor of the month. But, as Cosmo was telling me earlier today, what does it say about this country that a blue-blooded purebred of the Hungarian aristocracy can be named “America’s Dog” while a rich ethnic cocktail poured straight from the American melting pot — who’s gone toe to toe with despots! –  is dismissed out of hand? It’s not right. 

So, if you’re willing to take a minute for Dear Old Coz, please vote for the only fully canine contributor to the Corner in this utterly meaningless and unscientific survey. I fully understand that once Perino announces this poll on The Five, Cosmo won’t stand a chance. But he certainly deserves to make a respectable showing.

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