Auf Wiedersehen

by Michael Walsh

Michele Bachmann’s departure was all too inevitable. As I noted on the Corner a year ago, after news of her Swiss citizenship came to light:

Good grief. For four years, Barack Obama’s citizenship has been a hot topic on both the left and the right, with even those who don’t question his Hawaiian naissance still debating the meaning of the phrase “natural born Citizen” in the Constitution. Now along comes the gentlelady from Minnesota, who atomized both her own candidacy and that of former governor Tim Pawlenty by pointlessly wrangling during the debates over Gopher State minutiae and then having a spat with Texas governor Rick Perry over Gardasil.

No one questions Mrs. Bachmann’s American citizenship, or her patriotic pride, but what the hell was she thinking, running for president? There’s plenty of room for argument about just what the Framers had in mind when they wrote the qualifications for chief executive, but it seems pretty clear that a dual allegiance to the U.S. and a European country wasn’t one of them…

There’s a lot to like about Bachmann. She’s a spunky conservative, who’s right on the issues more often than she’s wrong. But the GOP simply must learn that, while the Democrats can merrily run a moral reprobate and typical liberal phony like John Edwards for national high office, the Republicans can’t afford to make even one mistake. Alinsky’s famous Rule No. 4 – and its strict enforcement by the lickspittle media — has seen to that. 

So say gute Nacht, Michele. Whether she’s reelected to the House this year is up to the good folks of Minnesota’s sixth district. But as a future national candidate, she’s toast. 

No matter what the truth of the allegations, every Republican candidate needs to understand that he — and especially she — has a big fat target on their backs. You simply can’t give the Left or its media allies a sword — because they will use it. 




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