Carney Dodges Questions about Holder

by Andrew Johnson

Jay Carney had another busy afternoon of evasion — this time, referring a number of queries to the Department of Justice, after dodging questions about Attorney General Eric Holder’s involvement in seizing reporters’ phone records and e-mails.

At today’s briefing, Fox News reporter Ed Henry pressed Carney on whether Holder had misled Congress by saying he was not involved in the department’s actions. Carney said Holder hadn’t been misleading, and Henry followed up, “You’re not involved when you sign the search warrant?” Carney stammered, and then referred him to the Justice Department three times.

As for the Justice Department’s press operation for which Carney is creating so much business, the Wall Street Journal reports it will soon have a new spokesman: Brian Fallon, a former flack for Senator Chuck Schumer, has agreed to the position.

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