The White House Is ‘Satisfied’ with IRS Evasion and Spin

by David French

From The Weekly Standard:

Referring to IRS officials testifying in front of Congress, a reporter asked [Jay Carney], “Are you satisfied, is this White House satisfied, with the responsiveness of people it sends up to testify about matters of congressional interest?”

“Well, that’s a broad question,” said Carney, “but the answer is yes.”

This is an intriguing response. Apparently, the White House is “satisfied” with faux invocations of the Fifth Amendment (I would have paid real money to see Lois Lerner try to make such a statement in court), IRS officials who seem to know very little about the operations of the IRS, bureaucratic responses that are consistently and daily rebutted by the IRS’s own documents, and a former commissioner who lists as the first reason for his 118 visits to the White House attending the “Easter Egg Roll with my kids.” (Hilarious, just hilarious.) 

Earlier today, my colleagues and I at the ACLJ filed suit on behalf of 25 conservative groups, many of whom are still waiting for the IRS to act on their applications (so much for the notion that IRS abuse has ceased). We are seeking damages and injunctive and declaratory relief, and we will not be “satisfied” if the IRS continues its evasions.

It remains to be seen whether the Obama administration receives the political justice it so clearly deserves, but fortunately not everything depends on politics. An independent judiciary — and jury — will now have their turn to weigh in, and their standard for “satisfaction” is a bit higher than Jay Carney’s.

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