Gowdy: Abuse of Power in Washington On Par With That of Imperial Rome

by Lindsey Grudnicki

Congressman Trey Gowdy on Wednesday drew a comparison between the corruption on display in American government today and the internal decay that brought down imperial Rome. 

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s radio show, Gowdy was asked when government abuse of power was as bad as it is in the Obama administration today. “Maybe Rome,” said the South Carolina representative.

He also accused former IRS commissioner Doug Shulman and other IRS officials of “employing the ostrich defense” – that is, refusing to show any curiosity at all about who is responsible for the persecution of Tea Party groups – in order to avoid responsibility. He then went on, at Hannity’s prodding, to offer commentary on Holder: “I have called for a new attorney general for over a year now,” said Gowdy, arguing that the Justice Department under his leadership has become “politicized.”


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