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Thank You, IRS


Students in Colorado honor the IRS for targeting tea-party groups, and Jennifer Kabbany of The College Fix has the story.

Nearly 50 students at the University of Colorado at Boulder have signed a large, colorful “Thank You” card to the IRS for stonewalling conservative groups’ efforts to obtain nonprofit status.

“Yes – I’ll sign it – because I think it’s a fake scandal and it makes sense to prosecute the 501cs, or whatever it is,” said one male student as he signed the card, which was essentially a poster board with the words “Thank You IRS!” in bright, block lettering.

“Oh sure!” said another male student as he added his signature. “I think this is pretty rad.”

The card – which also included an image of President Obama giving a thumbs up and some balloons, was fake – although students who signed it did not realize it at the time. The card was created by Colorado conservative activist Caleb Bonham, a 2011 graduate of CU Fort Collins who was an active College Republican as an undergrad.


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