Howard Dean: National Review ‘Crap,’ ‘Silly, Right-Wing Nonsense’

by Andrew Johnson

Turns out Howard Dean isn’t a fan of National Review, calling us “right-wing, conservative nutcase[s]” and “crap” on Morning Joe today. The former Democratic presidential candidate and DNC chairman apparently took issue with NR editor Rich Lowry’s criticism of the Obama administration’s plan for Eric Holder to investigate himself, as well as posting video of Dean dismissing the Benghazi attacks.

After hearing part of Rich Lowry’s piece “Being Eric Holder” on the show, Dean blasted the column as a “silly, right-wing nonsense.” He wondered, “Who cares? The National Review is just silly, who’s going to take them seriously?”

As evidence of his criticism, Dean cited a Corner post (which I wrote) with a video of him describing Benghazi as a “laughable joke,” claiming it was deceptive. He said that the post suggested he called the death of four Americans, rather than the issues surrounding it, a joke. The post’s first line: “Former Democratic National committee chairman Howard Dean considers the controversy over Benghazi a ‘joke’ and ‘silly.’”

While we’re going back and checking things, Dean might revisit the details of the attack in Benghazi. This morning, Dean claimed Republicans “have been peddling [the Benghazi controversy] for a year and a half” — when, obviously, the attacks occurred eight months ago, on September 11, 2012. He also suggested that the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups “turns out not to be a scandal.”

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