Schumer: ‘So-Called Scandals’ Won’t Slow Down Immigration Reform

by Andrew Stiles

The IRS’s targeting of conservative political groups, the Justice Department’s seizure of reporter e-mails, or any other “so-called scandals” would not impact the Gang of Eight’s efforts to push its comprehensive immigration-reform bill, Senator Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) said on Meet the Press.

“These so-called scandals have not diverted us one iota,” he told NBC’s David Gregory. “The eight of us realize how important this is — more important, probably, than any of these scandals to the future of America.”

Schumer said the Gang’s immigration-reform bill would come to the Senate floor as early as June 10, and predicted it would pass by July 4. The Gang of Eight is hoping to get Senate 70 votes for the legislation, which was recently approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Schumer said the Gang would be open to accepting additional amendments “that don’t damage the core principles of the bill, but improve the bill.”

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