Huffington: Holder Should Resign

by Katrina Trinko

Even Arianna Huffington thinks that Attorney General Eric Holder should resign.

“We’ve called on Holder to resign,” Huffington said on ABC’s This Week. “There’s no way that Holder can continue to do his job.”

“This is about the First Amendment, this is about freedom of the press,” Huffington added. “The president himself has said that you cannot have journalists being afraid that they’re going to be in the crosshairs of the law while doing their job. . . . He now has to take a real stand on this.”

Huffington also criticized Obama for deporting a significant number of illegal immigrants.

“We’ve had, since 2010, 200,000 parents of American citizens being deported for minor offenses,” Huffington remarked. “This is a real tragedy. And if this was being done under George Bush, Democrats would have been up in arms.”

Huffington said the deportation system “is an absolute nightmare for families. It’s a bit like a Gulag.”

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