Band of Love

by John J. Miller

Band of Love, a Nashville-based group fronted by NROnik Nathan Harden, has just put out a new album: Ballad of Dani Girl. (You can download it for free or make a small donation.)

Nathan is the author of Sex and God at Yale, a semi-sequel to WFB’s classic book, God and Man at Yale. He also edits the College Fix and contributes to NRO’s Phi Beta Cons blog.

And he rocks, as the video below for “The Road” demonstrates. Best of all may be the message behind the music. Here’s what Nathan writes on the Band of Love website:

Lyrically, this record was inspired by many young people I’ve met who are fed up with today’s popular culture that tries to make them feel lame, un-cool, and irrelevant simply because they happen to have good values. Turns out, not everyone thinks that selling your body and soul to the sleaze machine that constitutes today’s mainstream Hollywood-corporate alliance is all that cool anyway. 

Are you different? Do you have an un-Hollywood-like love of God, country, and family? Well, in that case, welcome to the new counterculture. We’re with you all the way.


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