Evil and Heroism in Kathmandu

by Jay Nordlinger

At the Oslo Freedom Forum last year, there was a talk by a young woman named Urmila Chaudhary. She had been a child slave in her country, Nepal. She was now an abolitionist. In my journal, I recorded two small facts: that she had never known her age “for sure”; and that, as a slave, she was not allowed to look her owners in the eye.

To see a video of her talk, go here.

Word comes now from the Oslo Freedom Forum that Urmila Chaudhary is in the hospital. She has been beaten senseless by police. She was leading a protest in Kathmandu against child slavery — specifically, against the rape, disappearance, and murder of these slaves. Not everyone has the stomach to watch armed men beat the hell out of unarmed women and girls, but if you do, go here.

Urmila Chaudhary may be killed one day for trying to help child slaves — of whom she was one — but she is spending her time usefully, nobly, heroically. We should remember her name, among many.

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