Krauthammer’s Take: ‘Hawkish Republicans’ Prevented Susan Rice from Discussing Benghazi

by NRO Staff

“I don’t hold [Susan Rice] responsible [for the Benghazi talking points],” Charles Krauthammer said on Special Report, responding to the announcement that Rice will take over as the Obama administration’s national-security adviser. Following the September 11, 2012, Benghazi attacks, Rice appeared on five Sunday morning shows to put forth a narrative of the attacks that the administration has since retracted. “Clearly it was misleading, but it wasn’t her idea,” he said.

“Here’s the irony,” Krauthammer added: “The way in which some hawkish Republican senators went after her [when rumors emerged of her being nominated for secretary of state] . . . saved her from being nominated as secretary of state [and] prevented the real interrogation of her over the talking points, and their history, and who told her what.”

“[As NSA] she won’t have to answer any of the questions,” he explained. “And I think she would have been a superior secretary of state. She’s less naïve, I think, than our current secretary of state. So I think the eagerness to go after her . . . redounded against the conservative Republicans who wanted to get to the bottom of this.”

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