Colleagues of Notorious Md. Abortionist Suspended

by Ian Tuttle

In my piece yesterday, “Gosnell: No Outlier,” I mentioned abortionist Steven Chase Brigham (and his associate, Nicola Irene Riley):

After Riley perforated a patient’s uterus and pulled out part of her bowels at a secret late-term-abortion clinic in Elkton, Md., investigators raided the clandestine facility. They found the frozen remains of 35 late-term aborted babies. The pair were arrested on murder charges, but the charges were dropped because it could not be proved whether the children were killed in Maryland or in Voorhees, N.J., where Brigham would induce labor, then caravan the women — in mid-labor — to Maryland, where Riley would help finish the procedure under Maryland’s laxer abortion laws. Riley’s license has been revoked by the Maryland Board of Physicians, but Brigham’s cannot be — because he was never licensed to practice there to begin with.

Operation Rescue reports today that three of Brigham’s Maryland associates have had their medical licenses suspended by the Maryland Board of Physicians. Iris E. Dominy left unattended 38-year-old Maria Santiago following an abortion at a Baltimore abortion clinic. Santiago stopped breathing and suffered fatal cardiac arrest. Mansour G. Panah was the clinic’s medical director. Michael Angelo Basco, another Brigham-affiliated abortionist, has had his license suspended for dangerous conduct.

All three abortionists worked as associates in OB/GYN Care, LLC, clinics, which are affiliated with Brigham. The clinics were ordered to stop all surgical abortions in early May, following a Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene inspection that showed them to be in gross violation of state health regulations.

Dominy, Panah, and Basco — and many like them — probably deserve to be prosecuted. Still, these suspensions are at the very least a strong step toward reducing the number of abortions in Maryland and protecting women and children.

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