Lois Lerner’s Rule

by David Gelernter

I think that using software to discover suspicious patterns of call-placement — and going no further without a court order — is reasonable in times of war, and we are at war, and Americans continue to die.  

The problem is that President Obama believes that not just conservatives but Americans in general are dumber than rockfish — just recently he explained that all wars should end, and accordingly he was ending the War on Terror by divine fiat — so how did he expect to justify wartime levels of domestic spying?  

Answer: He believed we would be too stupid to ask; or the problem never occurred to him, because he lacks the competence to be president of a cub-scout troop.  

“PRISM” seems different and far more dangerous to liberty, but so far I don’t really understand what it does. Unfortunately the DOJ, IRS, State Department, et al. are increasingly in the hands of post-religious globalist quasi-intellectuals (PORGIs), educated on PORGI propaganda, who literally don’t know what America, liberty, or the truth means. (Where would they have learned? Harvard?)  

D.C. is increasingly in the hands of Lois Lerners. If we don’t change the schools now, this afternoon, worse trouble is coming and we’ll have only ourselves to blame.

— David Gelernter is author of America-Lite: How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture (and Ushered In the Obamacrats).

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