How Same Sex Marriage May Change Marriage

by Mona Charen

Mark Regnerus, one of the most careful and thoughtful social scientists who studies these matters, has a very interesting piece up at Public Discourse: “Yes Marriage Will Change — And Here’s How.” While the evidence is still accumulating, Regnerus offers some reflections about what we know about same sex relationships and divorce.

He also reviews what we know about the expectations of monogamy among male gay partners. It’s not the white picket fence. Women, you see, tend to be the gatekeepers of monogamy. Here’s the trap door: women tend to support gay marriage in far higher numbers than men. Regnerus’s speculation is that the more relaxed attitude toward infidelity that marks gay unions will soon bleed into the culture in general as same sex marriage becomes more widespread. Once again, women are unaware that they are hurting themselves. 

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