Don’t Count on Obamacare to Collapse

by Ramesh Ponnuru

On the home page today, I write about a dangerous theory that has gained some currency among conservatives, especially in Congress: that Obamacare will collapse as soon as it is fully implemented. Conservatives cannot just wait for that to happen, I argue.

Republicans’ confidence that Obamacare will collapse has contributed to their lassitude in coming up with an alternative. It is a perverse complacency. If the program were going to collapse in the next three years, it would be all the more important for Republicans to build the case for a replacement for it. We can be sure that the Left would respond to any such collapse by making the case for a “single payer” program in which the federal government directly provides everyone insurance.

Congressional Republicans have not reached agreement on what should replace Obamacare, let alone a strategy for enacting that replacement. . . .

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