Grassley: Reid Wants 60 Vote Threshold for Amendments

by Jonathan Strong

Senator Chuck Grassley blasted Democrats for objecting to amendment votes, saying they are pushing for a 60-vote, supermajority threshold on amendments to the immigration bill rather than the normal, 50-vote majority. From a press release today:

The Democrats obstructed what Republicans offered as an appropriate path forward on amendments.  The majority has touted this immigration bill process as open, and that the Senate would proceed in regular order, but right out of the box they want to subject our amendments to a filibuster-like threshold. There’s no reason, in particular at the beginning of the process, to be blocking our amendments with a 60 vote margin. Let’s at least start with regular order. Otherwise, the American people are going to think that a fix is in and the bill is rigged to pass as it is.  We all agree that the immigration system is broken, and it needs fixed.  Let’s show the American people that the Senate can work, just like the members of the Judiciary Committee did.  All 18 members operated in the open. Everything was transparent.  There’s no reason we can’t do that in the United States Senate, and particularly in the beginning of this important debate.

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