It Depends on What the Meaning of Baby Is

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Live Action has a new video out today, a collection of abortion providers and clinic workers explaining just what it is one is “terminating” in an abortion.

And as the title of this post suggests, a counselor at the Southwest Women’s Options in Albuquerque explained to a Live Action investigator presenting herself as a pregnant woman seeking a late-term abortion: It depends what the term “baby” means to you, and how you perceive it.

As clinic officials describe terminations they won’t call murders, Lila Rose’s group uses images to illustrate:

During the course of this video, the doctor in the Southwest Women’s Options clinic compares an injection that will end the life of a baby to a “a flu shot, or a vaccine.”

That’s actually a perfect description at this point in American history when we seem comfortable treating women’s fertility as a disease to be medicated if a woman (or girl) is to be free. And an unborn child? Its inherent humanity is not a given. Instead, the reigning ideology insists a mother determines whether or not she wants to be one, whether or not she perceives a child worthy of life, even as it develops in her womb. She makes these decisions about her life and that of another at a most emotional time, with the baggage of a cruel feminism that insists there is empowerment in ending that child’s life within her. Cruel is the word.

The counselor, the doctor, and even late-term-abortion superstar Leroy Carhart think they’re helping women make the best of a bad situation; in another Live Action video, Carhart talks about abortion in almost sacramental terms. “I think out of respect and love and honor for this baby that you’ve lost, you will find yourself being a better person,” he said

They believe they are helping. But it takes several levels of delusion to not see the hurt, and to be blind to the life that ends. In today’s release, Live Action tries to walk through just what it is we are talking about when we are talking about a baby at 23 weeks.

Meanwhile the media is lost in distraction again, wild about a comment Trent Franks made, which happens to be similar to a point Joe Scarborough made yesterday morning on his MSNBC show in the context of a discussion about Plan B: With all compassion for any and every victim of rape or incest, these are not all pregnancies, and let’s stop letting abortion advocates demagogue and make law and devise mandates based on these horrific cases.

When we talk about Andrew Cuomo currently campaigning to make sure a woman can get an abortion after 24 weeks, this is whom we are talking about:

Really? That’s not a baby? Really? This is who we are?

Watch the Live Action video. There are more images we cannot afford to keep looking away from. We talk about a culture of violence in other contexts. What on earth is abortion but violence? To a woman, to that child, to families, to our law, to our culture. 

There was a stark conversation on Bret Baier’s All-Star panel the night of the Kermit Gosnell verdict. Steve Hayes just couldn’t see Americans not being radicalized (my word, not his) by the focus on late-term abortions on account of his criminal activity.

But we didn’t really, did we? With some exceptions, we looked away. We look away. Yes, it should rock our consciences. But if we’ve deluded ourselves into thinking 40 years of legal abortion is a necessary evil . . . or even a good.

Enough with the euphemisms. Or is it that we actually prefer abortion? That’s the question I ask in my syndicated column this week.

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