Krauthammer’s Take: ‘My Jaw Dropped’ at Obama’s Syria Plan

by NRO Staff

Charles Krauthammer’s “jaw dropped” on hearing that President Obama announced plans to “discuss [what to do about Syria] with allies next week at the G8 summit.” U.S. officials confirmed today that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against rebel forces. But despite having long ago declared that use a “red line,” the Obama administration is apparently unprepared to act, says Krauthammer.

“The red line is officially crossed. You would think they would have actually considered what you do on the day the red line is crossed. You don’t think it anew on the morning of the announcement.”

On Obama’s apparent timetable? “In a week? In a week Hezbollah is amassing outside of Aleppo.”

And on Obama’s assurance that the U.S. would be increasing “aid” to those opposing the Assad government: “What’s he going to do? Add chicken to the tuna we’re giving them in the food aid?”

“This is astonishing,” said Krauthammer.

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