Obama Back on the Newtown Train

by Charles C. W. Cooke

Per CBS:

Friday marks six months since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., and the families of the Newtown victims are back in Washington, D.C., reviving a push for Congress to take up gun control. 

Thursday, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with the families at the White House.

“We commend the families’ courage and perseverance in continuing to press for commonsense legislation to reduce gun violence,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

“And we want them to know that, as we approach the six-month anniversary of that terrible day, we will never forget and we will continue to fight alongside them.”

After lobbying members of Congress at their Washington offices on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Newtown families on Thursday held an event at the Capitol to remind lawmakers and the nation of the tragic Dec. 14 shooting — and all the gun violence that has occurred since.

Yet, according to the Associated Press:

Reid said talks aimed at finding the 60 votes the measure will need to prevail “have not borne much fruit yet,” but predicted they will.

Now, that is a surprise. Do you mean to say that a couple of months after the bill went down, there isn’t, magically, a groundswell of support for its revival? That the statistics showing that Americans really don’t care about this and don’t want the Senate to spend its time on it haven’t changed? That the 2014 elections are still going to be held in 2014, and that conservative Democrats still fear the voters on this issue? Next I’ll learn that pushing for more gun control might not be the best move in the wake of the IRS, DOJ, EPA, and NSA scandals, and with a precariously placed immigration bill’s moving through the Senate.

Do these people never learn?

Well, apparently not. Gabby Giffords has followed up on the New York Times op-ed that my colleague Kevin Williamson correctly termed “childish” and “embarassing” with a column in the Newtown Bee that manages — somehow — to be even more childish and embarassing. It contains an awful lot of this:

We cannot bring Christina-Taylor, or the beautiful, bright faces of the first graders of Sandy Hook Elementary, back.  We cantell you that, from where we stand, two years after our gun violence tragedy, we grieve our losses the same. But we have also gained clarity of purpose, and we take great joy from standing shoulder to shoulder with each other, loving stranger’s children enough to say, as if they were our own, we must do better. 

And not very much of this:

Gun-related homicides and crime are “strikingly” down from 20 years ago, despite the American public’s belief that firearm crime is on the upswing, a new study said Wednesday.

Looking back 50 years, a Pew Research Center study found U.S. gun homicides rose in the 1960s, gained in the 1970s, peaked in the 1980s and the early 1990s, and then plunged and leveled out the past 20 years.

This is true despite the introduction into American law of liberalizing gun rules that opponents claimed would turn America into the Wild West.

Oh, and school shootings are at a 20-year low, too.

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