Buyer Beware

by Jillian Kay Melchior

The finalists for the most ridiculous warning labels in the U.S. are in, reports the Future of Capitalism blog. I’m voting for this one, which accompanied a matchbox:

This one’s pretty good, too:

The Center for America created the annual competition, and here’s its rationale, summarized by contest organizer Bob Dorigo Jones:

First, it’s just plain fun to see how many labels there are around the home and office that warn us to exercise common sense — such as the warning on a fishing lure that says, “Harmful if swallowed.” (I didn’t even know fish could read.)

Second, it has become an eye-opening way to learn about the burden on product makers in the most lawsuit-happy society on Earth. For today in America, warning labels must protect not only consumers from genuine danger but also producers from frivolous lawsuits from those who ignore common sense and get hurt while using their products.

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