Sanford at Faith and Freedom Conference:
I’m Here Because of ‘God of Second Chances’

by Andrew Johnson

Mark Sanford had some humble words today at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference, saying, “In many ways I recognize the ways in which I am unworthy of offering my opinion or my perspective on a whole host of things given my failures in 2009.” After this implicit reference to his extramarital affair with an Argentinean woman who is now his fiancée, he “humbly and respectfully” urged attendees to turn their focus towards excessive government spending to save the country. He warned that the United States is “at a tipping point at the likes that we have never seen” because of overspending.

The newly elected congressman told the audience that he originally turned down the invitation to speak at the conference, but that a staffer encouraged him to “if you believe in a god of second chances.”

Mark Sanford returned to the House in a South Carolina’s special election earlier this year after serving as the state’s governor.

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