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Peter King Warns Snowden’s Potential Ties to China May Be Reason for Leaks


New York congressman Peter King says ”there’s a lot of reason for suspicion” that Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker, may have been motivated to release the classified information because of his ties to China.

On MSNBC this afternoon, King pointed to Snowden’s various connections to the country, including his transfers of money to the country, his study of the language, and his choice to go there. He also noted that the release came on the same weekend President Obama met with Chinese president Xi Jinping in California.

He clarified that while he does not have “definitive proof” of the connection, the issue is being investigated.

King continued his sharp criticism of Snowden and his supporters during the interview. “To me, people that glorify him and make him out to be a hero, are just doing damage to the country,” he said. “He is a person who has betrayed his country, violated his oath, and caused incalculable damage to our national security.”


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