Perry: In Texas, ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ On Religious Freedom

by Andrew Johnson

Humility was Texas governor Rick Perry’s main message for attendees of the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference. “I’ve learned about humility, especially on national television,” he joked, referencing his infamous forgetful moment in a Republican presidential primary debate.

Through humility, Perry explained on Saturday morning, conservatives can still be strong and courageous, but cheerful and compassionate. “Smile when you disagree with a liberal,” he gave as an example.

The governor also received strong rounds of applause when he mentioned state legislation that would end funding to Planned Parenthood as well as his recent “Merry Christmas” bill. “In the great state of Texas, we’ve got your back” in protecting religious freedom, he assured the audience.

Today’s appearance is another in a line of appearances at prominent conservative conferences by Perry, who spoke at CPAC and the NRA convention earlier this year.

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