Cheney Speculates Snowden Could Be Chinese Spy, Had Help Inside the NSA

by Patrick Brennan

Former vice president Dick Cheney said this morning he suspects that Edward Snowden may not have leaked the information he did on his own. Cheney said that he was surprised that Snowden “in his capacity as a contractor” had access to the information he released. Thus, when asked by Fox News’s Chris Wallace whether Snowden acted in concert with other people inside the NSA or the intelligence community, Cheney said, “You have to ask that question.”

Cheney also argued that it was “deeply suspicious” that Snowden fled to China, which indicated that he may have been working with foreign intelligence agencies. Regardless, Cheney said, “I think he’s a traitor,” and has perpetrated one of the most damaging breaches of national security in the vice president’s memory.

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