Will’s Words of Wisdom on Immigration

by NRO Staff

On ABC’s This Week, George Will said the only way he sees immigration reform passing is if Congress is given the authority to secure the border rather than the executive branch. Along with benefits, the border is part of the “killer B’s” that Republicans want addressed in the “very complicated Rubik’s Cube they’ve put together” that is the immigration-reform bill.

“The question of border security is now tangled up with the IRS and the Justice Department and the general, pervasive distrust of the executive branch,” he explained. “Because what the bill says is, ‘The executive branch will certify if the border is secure.’ I don’t believe that the Republicans in Congress are going to take that.”

“They’re going to vote for a bill — or against a bill — whether or not it has ‘Congress shall certify,’ not the executive branch, because no one trusts the executive branch anymore.”

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