Wisconsin Dem: Walker, Republicans Are Like the Taliban, Trying to Silence Women

by Andrew Johnson

A Wisconsin state lawmaker has compared the behavior of Republican legislators to that of the Taliban.

The Republican president of the Wisconsin senate called for order when a vote over a recent bill was interrupted by protests. “We were silenced that day . . . the women in the gallery in the assembly were escorted out,” said State Senator Lena Taylor.

Taylor went further, saying: ”This is no different than what I experienced when I went to Turkey and heard of what the women in the Middle East are experiencing with the Taliban, trying to silence them for being at the table,” she told MSNBC on Saturday. 

Taylor, whose district encompasses part of Milwaukee, was protesting a bill recently passed by the state senate that requires women to receive an ultrasound before getting an abortion. “The war on women is alive and well,” she argues. ”Anti-women legislation has been their priority,” she said of Wisconsin Republicans.

The bill was introduced by a female Republican legislator, State Senator Mary Lazich, and Governor Scott Walker said he plans to sign it in to law.

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