Boehner Won’t Bring Immigration Bill to Floor Without Majority GOP Support

by John Fund

The Washington Examiner’s David Drucker has excellent Capitol Hill sources, and he now says Speaker John Boehner won’t bring a comprehensive immigration-reform bill to the floor if it doesn’t have a majority of the 234-member GOP caucus behind it.

If so, the path for any bill that might pass the Senate will be rocky indeed. In order to gain a majority of the GOP House caucus, it would likely have to be amended in House committees to tighten border security, impose greater penalties on illegal aliens, and delay a path to full citizenship. Should a bill pass the House on a floor vote, the conference-committee negotiations with the Senate would be bloody and protracted indeed. The chances of any bill emerging from that process wouldn’t be great, especially since Democrats are already prepared to blame failure on recalcitrant Republicans. Indeed, many are hoping to do just that.

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