Sessions: Gang of Eight’s Enforcement Is Weaker Than 2007, ‘In Many Ways Much Weaker than ’86’

by Dimitrios Halikias

Senator Jeff Sessions, an outspoken critic of the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill, harshly criticized the legislation’s enforcement provisions today, saying “It’s dramatically weaker than the [previous] bills. It’s not the toughest bill ever. It’s much weaker than 2007. In many ways it’s much weaker than the ’86 bill. This is not going to work.” On Laura Ingraham’s radio show today, he said the bill “doesn’t do anything like [supporters] say it does.” 

Gang of Eight proponent Karl Rove derided the requirements and security measures of the 1986 legalization in the Wall Street Journal last week; his argument drew a response from Reagan attorney general Ed Meese, pointing out that the bill had a number of ”penalties and hurdles” that turned out to be meaningless.

Asked about comments from Senator Lindsey Graham that the bill has 70 votes in the Senate, Session replied that the bill’s future is very much in doubt: “I think this bill is up in the air. I think a lot of senators are uncertain.”

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