Snowden’s Father: Leaks ‘Not Something I Could’ve Done,’ But NSA Has ‘No Right to Do What They Do’

by Will Allen

The father of NSA leaker Edward Snowden spoke with Fox News this evening, said, ”As someone who’s served my nation for over 30 years honorably . . . [the leak]’s not something that I could’ve done. But I’m not in Ed’s shoes.” 

Lon Snowden criticized the NSA’s surveillance work, saying, “In my opinion, they have no right [to do what they do] — not even under the guise of ‘We need to keep you safe.’” 

He described his son as “a sensitive, caring young man” and “a deep thinker . . . raised to be principled.” “He knows the difference between what is just and unjust, and right and wrong,” Snowden said in an interview on The Five.

He concluded with an emotional plea that his son ”not release any secrets that would constitute treason.” ”Ed, I love you and I wish you the best; I want you to come home,” he said.

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