Christie Attacks Obama: Charm Offensive Should Have Started in ‘09, not ‘13

by Andrew Johnson

Chris Christie didn’t pull any punches on Morning Joe today, going after both President Obama and Republicans in Congress. Christie said he was “disappointed” with the president’s efforts to work with the Republican-led Congress.

“The ‘charm offensive’ should have started in January of 2009,” he said. “The fact that all of sudden that we’re in June of 2013 and we’re just talking about a ‘charm offensive,’ and get to know Congress — it’s the fifth year of your presidency,” the governor continued. “It’s a little bit late in the dating game to get to know somebody.”

Turning his attention to congressional Republicans, he said, “Maybe their ratings wouldn’t be at 10 percent if every once in a while they put policy ahead of politics.” He pointed to his handling of Hurricane Sandy, including his meeting with President Obama, as an example of a bipartisan approach to solving problems.

When asked if that makes him “a RINO,” Christie said, “I don’t buy it.”

“I’ve never heard that criticism until I said some nice things about the president in the aftermath of the storm. Then all of a sudden, for some folks, they started to use that term about me.”

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