Abortion, ‘Choice,’ Volleyball

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

David, I’ve been thinking about that post since seeing it on John’s Twitter feed, too. “Wow,” he said. Prayer was all I could immediately respond with. There is such deep sadness there, exposing the outrage of the lies told to make this grave evil seem bearable, which, as Penelope Trunk makes clear, it really isn’t.

I was struck by a number of things she says, some of which you quote. Among them:

“It’s very hard to have an abortion.”

“And, there is not a perfect time to have kids.”

Also, her recollection that she really didn’t think she had any choices. And the fact that person after person belittled any idea that there would, in fact, be a choice other than abortion.

As I wrote about last week, it’s almost as if we prefer abortion. It’s an expectation. We’ve adapted our lives to it. And so a whole ideology needs to exist to insist it’s okay, that women and men aren’t feeling what they’re feeling. That this is good, when not very long ago we absolutely knew better. And it was not just priests or self-identified pro-lifers who knew better.

That post from Trunk should get as much attention, if not more, than the whole “Lean In” debate. Because our culture won’t get better until we confront this. And lives depend on the stirring honesty of the kind Trunk demonstrates. 

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