Ed Rendell: ‘Princeton and Harvard Should be Disgraced’ That Cruz Attended

by Andrew Johnson

Princeton and Harvard should be ashamed of having awarded diplomas to Senator Ted Cruz, according to former Democratic Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell. “Princeton and Harvard should be disgraced,” he said.

“For Democrats, he’s the gift that keeps on giving,” the MSNBC contributor continued. “Every time the Republicans take out some moderate position, here comes Ted Cruz galloping along, and saying ‘No, we have to take the wacko side.’”

Cruz, who won election last year after beating the party-backed lieutenant governor in the primary on a wave of tea-party support, has made a splash during his first few months in Washington. The Texas senator has drawn the ire of Democrats and Republicans alike, tangling with Dianne Feinstein in a committee hearing over gun-control legislation; eliciting comparisons to Joe McCarthy from Chris Matthews, Claire McCaskill, and Barbara Boxer; and earning a finger wag from John McCain, who called Cruz and his tea-party colleages “wacko birds.”

National Review Online reported last month that Cruz is mulling a presidential bid.

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