Krauthammer’s Take: Hillary ‘Eminently Defeatable’ in 2016

by NRO Staff

Charles Krauthammer called Hillary Clinton “eminently defeatable” in a general election and welcomed her early-frontrunner status among 2016 Democratic presidential hopefuls: “I think if she wants the nomination, it’ll be handed to her. Obviously the party’s swooning and believing that she’s inevitable . . . She was inevitable in 2008 as well; it didn’t exactly work out.”

Krauthammer offered a distinctly underwhelmed assessment of Clinton’s record since her last stay in the White House: “I thought as a senator she was rather good, but people speak about her as a superb secretary of state . . . Can someone name one achievement she had in the four years?”  “I’m not sure I understand any of” the hype surrounding Clinton’s presidential prospects, he added, but “if she runs, I think as a conservative I’d welcome that; I think she’s eminently defeatable.”

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