by Kathryn Jean Lopez

The “National Organization for Women” — I assume Marsha Blackburn and I don’t fall under their “women” umbrella – “deplores” House passage of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

NOW is “appalled” by the vote. 

Words like these could be put to better use calling attention to the deplorable, appalling acts we tolerate in the name of women’s rights and health, of course. 

“Anyone who thinks the Republican leadership’s war on women is moderating, let alone over, is mistaken,” NOW insists in their statement. 

How can anyone not see through this? Wake up, America. We must wake up America. We pretend 20-week-olds aren’t unborn children; their value is infused by a mother’s “choice” – to be empowered or beheaded. And we are all to be content ignoring that many of these mothers don’t see how they can make any choice other than abortion. As a mother pleads for the abortion, and all the friends belittle any other choice, and the boyfriend will drive …. as we’ve seen

NOW deplores a House vote that sought to make our country a little bit more hospitable to life. 

Seriously: John Boehner is waging the war on women? When are we going to stop letting the abortion lobby have such a stranglehold on national political and media conversations? 

Don’t bog us down with concerns about that fetal formation’s pain, you silly people who politically posture about babies. NOW has words to dismiss us: “No amount of softening rhetoric or moderate posturing will change the harsh reality that today’s GOP is out of step and out of touch when it comes to women. We at NOW are not fooled, and neither are women voters.” 

I’m sorry, I’ve got to believe women are smarter than that. I know Americans are. 

Today I found myself giving thanks for the likes of Kirsten Powers again — she was appalled during the Gosnell trial and pushed people to pay attention; as did Mollie Hemingway, among others. We’re going to have to answer for what we did and didn’t do. History should find our 40 years and counting abortion regime deplorable.

And note well: Despite the rhetoric aimed at single women and Andrew Cuomo’s insistence, Roe ain’t disappearing tomorrow – and it didn’t with a House vote Tusday night.

This culture of death is appalling. Did we really learn nothing from Gosnell?

Now is long past the time to act with urgency in defense of innocent human lives that are so clearly human lives in need of our protection. It’s not NOW’s time. It can’t be. 


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