Suffolk Schools: Pencils For Math, Not Murder

by Ian Tuttle

We’ve been chronicling on the Corner the recent spate of threats to the homeland from middle-schoolers in NRA t-shirts, chatty eleven-year-olds, and pastry-wielding second-graders.

Now, finally, following last month’s suspension of two seven-year-olds from their Suffolk County, Va., elementary school for “pointing pencils at one another and making gun sounds,” a bit of common sense: The Suffolk County Board voted to exclude “ordinary objects” from its “zero tolerance” weapons policy. Principals will now assess disciplinary problems on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the student’s age, intent, and whether the object in question is listed as a weapon under the revised policy.

We’ve reached a startling level of brainlessness when distinguishing pencils from pistols requires an ordinance.

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